Todd Smith holds a BA Degree in Psychology from the University of Minnesota and a Masters Degree in Marriage, Family, and Child Counseling from Azusa Pacific College.  He practiced Marriage, Family, and Child Counseling for 28 years in Minneapolis and Northern New Mexico.  Although he was traditionally trained as a Marriage, Family, and Child Counselor, his style was influenced greatly by a coaching approach, especially with his many high functioning clients that were using counseling as a personal growth tool.

Todd also took advanced training in a Mind Body Spirit therapy called Hakomi. Learning to to promote this kind of integration in his clients greatly improved their ability to find inner guidance. His practice became even more coaching and integration oriented as he branched out to doing training and seminars on various personal growth and communication topics applicable to the work site.  He took training in Workplace and Family Mediation at the Center for Dispute Resolution in Boulder, Colorado and began helping employees solve work related disputes and helping workers to have better team work.

Presently he works as a Psych Associate at Fairview/University of Minnesota Medical Center in the various behavioral health units with children, teens, and adults.  He also has a part time life coaching practice out of his home in Golden Valley, Minnesota where he coaches local clients.  He is able to work with non-local clients via the internet on Skype or Facebook Messenger. His coaching practice specializes in personal, family, and relationship growth. He no longer practices traditional counseling, nor is he licensed as a counselor in MN, but works as a Personal, Relationship, and Professional Life Coach and Consultant. 

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