Research has shown that Parkinson's sufferers, when involved with "forced exercise" on a tandem bike, can experience significant improvement in problematic symptoms.  In one study, the rider in front had been instructed to pedal at a cadence of about 90 r.p.m. and with higher force output or wattage than the patients had produced on their own. The result was that the riders in back had to pedal harder and faster than was comfortable for them.  After eight weeks of hourlong sessions (three times a week) of forced riding, most of the patients in Dr. Alberts’s study showed significant lessening of tremors and better body control, improvements that lingered for up to four weeks after they stopped riding.

Todd Smith, an avid bicyclist and past racer, offers this service to Parkinson's suffers with permission from their doctor to pedal with him on a stationary tandem bike at a recommended safe heart rate.  Copy and paste this link into your browser to learn more:

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